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Fashion Gurus On What Trends Are In, Which Are Out « Cbs New York

I travel the world to discover how culture impacts peoples lives, whether through an art fair, a museum exhibition or an innovative product, then I bring my observations to you. I want to open peoples eyes to things they would otherwise be unable to see. Ive reported on the art world infiltrating Silicon Valley, interviewed some of the worlds most influential personalities and Ive seen some amazing works of art. I write for publications that include the Daily Beast, Monocle, Marie Claire, Interview, Fashionista, The Manual, the Business of Fashion, T, W, ARTnews, Al Jazeera America, Fast Company, The Economist and more. See the world through my eyes on Instagram and Twitter at @annbinlot.
Source: http://www.forbes.com/sites/abinlot/2014/11/06/artprize-a-lesson-in-creativity-bringing-a-community-together/

She feels the same way about wild sneakers including wedges and shes hoping the crop top will stop. When it comes to accessories, she says real women can nix the huge clutch. If youre carrying an oversized clutch, holding a childs hand and then need to balance a cup of coffee, youre sunk, Swimmer said. Experts say the key is to update your wardrobe wisely http://www.chicemma.com and know what works for you, no matter what the latest trend happens to be. If you have it and enjoy it and you love it, definitely take it out and wear it if it makes you feel good.
Source: http://newyork.cbslocal.com/2014/11/04/fashion-gurus-on-what-trends-are-in-which-are-out/

Premarkets: 5 things to know before the open - Nov. 6, 2014

"I think they're very much at the forefront of fashion," said McCartney, daughter of Beatles legend Paul, as she launched the apparel for C&A. She added she was driven by a desire to take a sustainable and responsible approach to her work -- values she said came from her parents. "I grew up in the countryside, on an organic farm, so I was very aware of the seasons of nature. "So for me, when I went into fashion, I wanted to be responsible, and have a different take on luxury fashion, where I would not work with fur or leather," said McCartney, adding she wanted her collection to be affordable options for the buying public at large. "I try to approach what I do in fashion in a sustainable and a responsible way, so not only in the materials that I use, but the way that I source and manufacture my product," she said of a range priced between $35 and $150 and made from fabrics including cotton, viscose, lame and lace. Working on collaborations such as her current one with the C&A chain meant "pausing fast-fashion, just slowing it down for a moment, so that the consumer who maybe can't afford our clothes can come and have a different experience with C&A." McCartney said she saw her range as "quite timeless, so it's fast-fashion -- but it's meeting luxury in a way that you will have these garments, I hope, in the way they're designed, in the way which we've sourced the highest (quality) materials we could with C&A. "I think what we have done here is a good example of what we can do with fast fashion.
Source: http://news.yahoo.com/stella-mccartney-launches-exclusive-brazil-range-080854974.html

Stella McCartney launches exclusive Brazil range - Yahoo News

Crude oil prices have fallen by about 26% since the middle of June and are currently trading below $79 per barrel in New York, which is squeezing many nations that depend on energy exports. Related: These countries are getting killed by cheap oil 4. Economics: There's a focus on U.S. jobs this morning. The U.S. government will post weekly jobless claims at 8:30 a.m.
Source: http://money.cnn.com/2014/11/06/investing/premarkets/index.html?section=money_topstories

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