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Charleston Regional Business Journal | Charleston, Sc

Many of the youth also modeled retro and vintage outfits on the 'Rewind Runway,' which was the theme of this years show. The 4-H Clothing Committees Colleen Konop narrated the 2014 Fashion Revue, which was judged by volunteers Chris Anderson and Lindsey Anderson. Superintendent volunteers Jodi Brummel, Stacy Rehberg and Mary Schobert managed the day and announced the winners. Clothing judges were Kathy Anderson, Carol Matlock, Anne Neville and Anne Novey. Award of Excellence trophies were earned by Madeline Cumbe and Cydney Olah of Outbacker Kids, and Ally Rott, Olivia Morris, and Delaney Brummel of Millbrook Mighty Ones. Brummel won both Fashion Revue and Best of Show honors. Fashion Revue delegates for State Fair are Brummel, Cumbey and Rott.
Source: http://www.vfpnews.com/articles/2014/07/30/6a795a16ae2542fa82decc4b8eab0062/index.xml

4-H'ers take projects from the sewing machine to the runway in fashion revue | Valley Life

Charleston Fashion Week s 2015 Emerging Designer Competition: East is now accepting applications. Deadline for entries is Oct. 13. Charleston Fashion Week will be March 17-21. Carolina Classic Clothing is accepting appointments for its fall trunk show, set for Sept.
Source: http://www.charlestonbusiness.com/news/52136-fashion-plate-for-aug-7-2014

NY Clothing Line Creates Entrepreneurial 'Worth' - Forbes

Gym wear is now glam wear, anywhere and anytime, but you dont have to spend a lot of money to get in on the trend. Incorporate the essentials, adding key pieces as you modern hairstyles go. Then, play around with different combinations and accessories to create ensembles that are modern, comfy and stylish. Caelum by Brooke Burke Brooke Burkes new athletic line Caelum features leggings and bras in pretty patterns and yoga pants with such fun details as slimming color blocking and neon, peekaboo lining. One of my favorite pieces is the Isis Cocoon open hoodie ($88). This versatile, ultra soft piece can be worn with yoga pants and a tank or a cami, some glinting necklaces and your favorite pair of jeans.
Source: http://bostonherald.com/entertainment/style_fashion/2014/08/workout_clothes_get_a_fashion_makeover

Workout clothes get a fashion makeover | Boston Herald

Photo by Loreen Berlin. The most creative concept went to painter Brad Elsberry and model Erika Baldwin for his remarkable creation of a wire evening gown and headdress under a draped long black cape. Most exciting ensemble was awarded to watercolorst Kirsten Whalen, whose model, daughter Erika Shindele, wore a tight-fitting fabulous black bodice and black full-skirt lined with road maps accented with a fan of maps. Most innovative use of materials was presented to sculptor Antje Campbell and model Emily Knutson, inspired from German Gehry building designs. The outfit of steel, glass and wood pushed the comfort zone of materials with its paper skirt, veneer belt and bodice of Trader Joes potato chip bags. Most glamorous and the peoples choice award went to Adam Neeleys Oceana modeled by Alicia Chavex, inspired by the beauty and tranquility of the ocean with hand-crafted burlap, flowers and shells and a necklace of cork representing ocean waves.
Source: http://www.lagunabeachindy.com/fashion-dazzles-re-imagined-fabrics/

Fashion Dazzles With Re-Imagined Fabrics - Laguna Beach Independent Newspaper, The "Indy" - Laguna Beach News

Fall 2014 Season Preview, Worth New York When it comes to luxury clothing, Selig-Prieb notes that those who combine a fashion background with a sizeable network and a knack for social selling do best. One of these successful consultants is Lauren Solomon, the image expert I recently engaged with who serves as Director of Business Development for Worth. It was Solomon who connected me with Selig-Prieb. As we visit, I note that Worths model mirrors a trend Forbes contributor J.J. Colao has covered as well : instead of taking clothes from, say, Calvin Klein and selling them over the Web, companies are now making their own clothes and creating their own fashion brands. This control allows them to match traditional competitors on quality while undercutting them on price. Contributor Ariel Adams has noted the influx of luxury brands that sell direct to consumers as well : Luxury brands with a desire to compete in todays market must form a close relationship with consumers that involves impressing upon people the value of their brand and what new products are available, and giving them an opportunity to purchase them with ease. While some successful consultants cite the opportunity for busy women executives to enjoy girlfriend time, the Worth model is based on one-on-one relationships, personalized attention and selection, Selig-Prieb maintains. Solomon agrees, and says that busy and discerning executives are the crux of her own clientele.
Source: http://www.forbes.com/sites/cherylsnappconner/2014/08/07/ny-clothing-line-creates-entrepreneurial-worth/

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